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Western Grassfed Beef

How To Choose the Best Cut of Steak for Paleo Recipes

May 27, 2016

Cuts_of_Beef.jpgGrass fed beef is the best option for Paleo eaters! Not only is it leaner and has more nutritional value than your average piece of meat, but the premise of Paleo is to eat as our Paleolithic ancestors would have—and all of their beef back in the day would have been grass fed! One of the many perks of the Paleo way of eating is the focus on high-quality meats you can consume, but you still want to pay attention to a couple of details about your meat to ensure picking the best cut of meat for your Paleo recipe.

Choose Steaks By Cooking Style

There are loads of different cooking styles to cook your favorite meat and it all depends on what your Paleo recipe calls for. You should prep for each cooking method by bringing your meat to room temperature so that is cooks more evenly and quickly.

Broiling: Think of this like an indoor, upside down grill! This is perfect for a ribeye, New York striploin steak or tenderloin steak. Just season your steak on both sides, place on a sheet pan underneath the broiler for around 4 minutes, then flip over for another 3 minutes or so—and you’re done.Filets_in_a_pan

A common cooking method and are perfectly suited for all sorts of tender cuts of meat including New York striploin steaks, ribeye steaks and tenderloin (filet mignon) steaks. When it comes to frying, heat the pan up to medium-high heat and add an oil of your choosing (coconut oil, ghee or even other animal saturated fat) in the pan. Place the meat in the pan and let it get a good sear on it. Turn the meat and sear the other side, letting it cook through. You can check the 
doneness of the steak with just your hand and finger tips. We’d also recommend always checking with a thermometer.

For stir-frying, you can use all kinds of cuts—ribeyes, New York Striploins, Tenderloins or kabob meat. Cut your meat into thin slices and place them in a sizzling pan with ghee or coconut oil. Let it get a good sear and then start stirring the meat around in the pan until fully cooked.Grilling_Burgers

This works for any cut of meat you can think of from kabobs to ribeye steaks. Just marinade your meat in your favorite Paleo marinade or dry rub and the sear it on medium heat. Make sure it is seared before turning it so you can avoid piercing it with the tongs and losing juice form the meat. Check out our blog for great tips on grilling steaks.


Choose by Tenderness of Each Cut of Beef

Most Paleo grilling recipes focus on the cattle’s loin and rib areas (in meat terms we call these middle meats). This is because the areas get the least exercise making them the most tender. There are a number of steak cuts to choose from so we are here to help you decide which one fits best depending on the consistency of the meat you desire:

ribeye-steakRibeye Steak:
This cut of meat is not only delicious, but it will also have the most marbling of all the middle meats. It originates from the rib region, making it tender and full-flavored. A ribeye steak is a boneless cut from the ever-popular prime rib roast. You can’t go wrong with a ribeye.



Ground Beef:
Ground beef works for tons of Paleo recipes (crockpot, burgers, taco meat, spaghetti, etc.) and can be used easily for people who want to have their weeks of dinners planned out or meal prepped. Generally, ground beef comes from the chuck or round meat of the steer because of its rich flavor, but in reality can be produced from any cut of beef.


Filet Mignon Steak:
This cut is a little cross section from the thickest portion of the tenderloin muscle, which is the most tender cut you can get. Filet mignons have basically no marbling so the flavor is more subtle, but super delicious.



New York Striploin Steak: This cut comes form the short loin of the steer (mid section near rib and tenderloin). This muscle does little work so the meat is tender with a more subtle flavor, but leaner than the ribeye.  



As always when you are eating Paleo, remember to pile your plate high with lots of fresh vegetables to compliment your grass-fed beef and eat healthy snacks of fresh fruits, nuts and seeds.


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